It is hard to choose an attorney that is right for you. If you want to win your case, Ilya Lerma should be your choice. I have had the opportunity to observe attorneys throughout the country. I know an outstanding lawyer when I see it. I have seen Ilya Lerma work magic in her cases. She is passionate about her practice that is rare among her peers. The dedication she shows to her clients is remarkable. Ilya is an excellent attorney. She understands the art and science of building a case. If she is willing to accept your case you are fortunate. She is a skilled and talented advocate.

-David A. Wenner​, Esq., Snyder & Wenner, P.C., Winning Works​

There are several indispensable qualities an excellent lawyer must have possess. Intellect, credibility, perseverance and creativity are among these. Battle-tested experience is also critical. Ilya Lerma has all of these and more. Like any other lawyer who knows of her skills and qualifications, I would not hesitate to refer a significant injury case to her. She has a great and well-deserved reputation among Arizona attorneys.

-Louis Hollingsworth, Esq. HOLLINGSWORTH KELLY

When I have a big case and want to make sure my plaintiff is ready for trial, I call Ilya. She is a miracle worker. She uses her own extensive trial experience, knowledge of psychology, compassion, and incredible work ethic to help my clients bring their stories alive and insulate them from cross examination. Usually these clients are dealing with severe trauma that makes it more difficult for them to convey their experiences and memories. Ilya uses her skills to break through this trauma and unleash the truth in a way that juries can understand it. She puts her all into every case.

-Inge Johnstone




I met Ilya Lerma at the worst possible moment in my life. My husband had just passed away. Ilia walked in the room full of compassion as well as complete knowledge of the medical malpractice process. I immediately felt like I had just met someone who cared about what my children and I had been through. Ilia explained the entire process and what to expect. Medical malpractice cases are extremely difficult. Ilya kept in constant contact with updates on the case. Ilya has a team of top professionals she works with when medical records and procedures need to be reviewed. She has the unique ability to empathize with your most personal situation while maintaining the highest level of professionalism. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone in need of a medical malpractice attorney. Her knowledge of the legal system is unsurpassed. Her work ethic is phenomenal and I will forever appreciate everything she has done for my family.


Ilya is an experienced, knowledgeable and no nonsense attorney that handled our personal injury case for our minor child. She looked at the case from all angles but what meant the most to me was her compassion, her perspective as a mother and when it came down to it her tough always prepared approach against those that did my child wrong! She is someone who reads people well, gives great advice someone you WANT in your corner! She was only ever a phone call away which I appreciated that she was so accessible! If I ever find myself in a situation in need of her services I wouldn't hesitate to call her again or recommend her to someone who did!! She's the best of the best!


When I first met Ms. Ilya Lerma, I was frantically looking for a new lawyer as mine in Tucson had let me down completely and I was running out of time to file my case. Ms. Lerma took the time to listen to my story involving my young son whom I believe was misdiagnosed and then improperly treated thereafter. Though many tears, she let me tell his story, and then took my files to review on her own. She decided my son's case had merit and then proceeded to amass what information she needed to present to other lawyers who would assist her on the case. Ms. Lerma was very competent and very wise, never promising anything more than doing her best to get justice for my son. She patiently answered my (many) questions, sometimes more than once, as I often needed reassurance for my own sake that the case was proceeding how it should. When it came time to make the final decisions on my son's case, I took Ms. Lerma's advice because I trusted her completely and there have been no regrets since. I am forever grateful to Ms. Lerma and I strongly recommend her to anyone who needs legal assistance.


Ilya was just what our family needed when we were beyond discouraged, frustrated and not sure how to proceed with the insurance company. Ilya took the time to get to know us personally, listen to our concerns and answer our questions. She truly cared about us and our case. Working within the Federal Court system can be very intimidating, she walked us through every step and prepaid us on what to expect. She is a very experience, knowledge, humble attorney. Our family will always be eternally grateful for Ilya and her support.


Having Ilya Lerma represent me was the greatest thing that happened to me after my accident. I felt no one understood me after my brain injury and she stepped right in and guided me through the process of the lawsuit. I'd recommend Ilya Lerma immediately to anyone in need of her lawyer expertise.