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Lawyers Are Not Created Equal, BUT Great Lawyers Can be Made.

Some lawyers are great courtroom legal giants.

Some are great lawyers still growing and honing skills after decades of experience.

Some lawyers are looking to jumpstart a stagnant period of practice.

Some are new lawyers looking to start their trial work off with an impressive win.

Which are you?

What do all of these lawyers have in common?

With a willingness to learn, trial work and litigation results can always be improved.

Effective courtroom communication is a series of learnable skills that include presentation and organization of information. Effective persuasion is a by-product of knowing how to get past the “lawyering” and deliver the most compelling account of the client and the people responsible due to recklessness, carelessness and neglect. The story is about what the listener needs to hear. The lawyer needs to know how to identify this, from the juror’s perspective---not their own. Believe it or not, there is a way to learn to do this, piece by piece---in every case.

Great athletes still train. They practice. They use coaches and trainers. They are willing to put in the effort to become masters of their craft. Are you? What are you doing to up your game? In the past 15 years, trial practice is saturated with books and workshops and trial schools at every level. Many lawyers are having success in deploying the tactics and methods taught. But, to break away from the lead pack, to attain results on your own instead of following the track of what worked for someone else . . . what are you willing to dedicate? What resources can you commit to looking at a trial over the long-term instead of a last-minute ditch push to ask the “right” questions in voir dire? Juror dynamics are changing. Are you changing with them? Still advancing the same highly mediocre case strategies that mostly worked in the past? Ready to move off the plains?

For the past several years, Ilya has undergone advanced training for trial lawyers. As a national trial consultant She lectures nationwide and trains state associations for justice and plaintiff lawyers across the country as a consultant for Trial Structure ™. She has presented at local and national trial conferences including the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles, Western States Association for Justice, CAALA Women Trial Lawyers Skills Conference , the Alliance of Women Trial Lawyers, the Arizona Advanced Trial Advocacy Conference, and the prestigious American Association for Justice in New York for the Weekend with the Stars. She has helped her lawyer/clients recover millions for their injured victims.