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Aggressive Representation For Victims of Professional Negligence in Arizona

Devastating harms can result from the negligence, fraud, or misrepresentation of many kinds of licensed and trained professionals including insurance producers, financial and business advisors, and real estate professionals.

For example, a financial producer may negligently (or fraudulently) misrepresent the details of investment products, or an insurance producer you have relied upon for years may be telling you that you are "fully covered" for losses that you later learn were not covered after all. The liability of professionals can cause far-ranging economic and personal harms and require the focus and commitment of an experienced lawyer to uncover, develop evidence and take to trial if necessary.

Did you enter into a poor real estate transaction because important information was not disclosed? Did your commercial business suffer a loss that should have been covered by the insurance policy but was denied or excluded? Often, this can be a result of the negligence of the licensed professional participating in the transaction or the sale of insurance.

To find out if you have a valid claim or to discuss your options, you should speak with Ilya E. Lerma. Her Law Office of Ilya E. Lerma LLC advocates for a broad range of professional negligence victims in Arizona and statewide.

Ms. Lerma handles your liability claim with commitment and professionalism. She will thoroughly evaluate the claim to establish merit and highlight the facts and evidence. In negotiations with insurers, you have compelling advocacy for the harms that were committed and the strongest voice in court for your goals and recovery.

Contact Ilya E. Lerma today for the free initial consultation that could be a first positive step toward reclaiming your life. Her law firm works hard to obtain the maximum financial compensation for your claims. Call today or stay online to reach us by email.