Ilya Lerma

Attorney at Law,
Trial Coach & Consultant

Due to medical issues affecting a close family member, Ilya grew up around neurologists, neuropsychologists and neurosurgeons and even planned for medical school. Over the years, insidious brain injuries and concussions impacted her closest friends and relationships and early in her practice she became a voice for clients suffering these injuries. For more than two decades, Ilya unearthed the details of her clients’ cases because she knew and understood where to look. She uncovered the evidence so that she could not only deliver the stories of their injuries - - but their lives. 

As an Arizona native and trial attorney since 1999 and the current President of the Arizona Association for Justice, Ilya tells your story.

At Ilya Law, Expect
the Unexpected.

To hold defendants accountable, lawyers often fall back on the same mediocre strategies that worked for them in the past. But juror dynamics are changing. As a national trial consultant, Ilya knows that the art of effective persuasion can be taught to lawyers who are ready to learn. She's helped attorneys recover millions for injured victims. If you're ready to take a step off the beaten path, Ilya is ready to help.


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Passionate Advocacy After a Brain Injury Upends Your Life

A traumatic brain injury can bring devastation and darkness to the victim and their families and loved ones. After a truck wreck, slip and fall, or other accident caused by someone else’s negligence or recklessness, you need to reach out for help dealing with the big insurance companies who are looking to minimize your injuries and your recovery or escape responsibility entirely. Let Ilya stand with you in your corner. She’ll fight for the full financial compensation you deserve as you and your family navigate the path to recovery and wellness. 

Coach, Counselor, Consultant:
Serving Clients in Arizona Since 1999

When an injury upends your life, it feels overwhelming.  Wondering how to pay bills while being unable to work or gradually learning how to live with long-standing injuries can be a crushing weight in a dark time. Intimidating insurance companies and mounting medical bills can make you feel as if you don’t matter. Your head may feel “foggy” trying to process information that once easily made sense to you. You may wonder why you feel so different inside?  All the insurance company cares about is a bottom line and you’re just trying to keep from hitting rock bottom. Whether you were involved in a car crash resulting in a serious brain injury, you seek legal guidance after any personal injury, or you are a policyholder trying to get the insurance company to pay what they promised to pay, there’s no need to face it alone.   

Ilya advocates for injured clients in Scottsdale, the rest of Arizona, and nationwide. As a coach and a consultant for trial lawyers across the country, Ilya trains legal practitioners to listen deeply, speak wisely, and fight fierce. Reach out to Ilya Law for a free consultation to learn more about how she will work to develop the evidence of your case for the most compelling courtroom delivery.

Ilyalaw: Forging Relationships to Withstand Trial

Ilya has always believed in the power of relationships. She forms deep, personal connections to every one of her clients, seeking to understand their case inside and out. When she grasps who you were in the past, she can begin to craft powerful, creative legal strategies aimed at helping you reach who you want to become and revealing that path to a jury who may ultimately hear what you have been through. Whether you’ve suffered a brain injury in a truck accident or seek to hold a dram shop accountable for other traumatic injuries, Ilya’s passionate advocacy for Arizonans is truly unmatched.  

Who you were, who you are, who you will be— these things matter. When a traumatic event like an accident or wreck happens, you’ll need someone on your side who will honor everything that you were, fight for everything that you are, and envision everything that you can become. Start pursuing the outcomes you deserve. If you live in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Tempe, Glendale, Mesa, or have questions about your injury from anywhere in the nation, contact Ilya today.