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Getting To The Source Of Drunk Driving Accident Injuries And Deaths In Arizona

Arizona's dram shop law was enacted to protect injured victims of drunk driving accidents caused by drivers who were over-served alcohol by licensed establishments. The negligent drunk driver will bear significant responsibility for a crash that injures someone, but bars and liquor establishments make significant profits on alcohol sales and drink promotions. By ignoring or only casually enforcing laws of alcohol service, these establishments sell more alcohol ... but also put more lives at risk. Arizona law mandates that businesses and corporations that do not follow the law regarding proper service of alcohol can and should be held accountable for a crash that injures someone.

At the Law Office of Ilya E. Lerma LLC, our experienced personal injury attorney provides aggressive, attentive representation for those who are seriously injured, and families mourning wrongful deaths, resulting from DUI accidents and drivers committing vehicular manslaughter and vehicular homicide.

Ilya E. Lerma's expert investigative connections dig deeply for the facts of your case. An investigation must move quickly in order to learn the identity of the vendor who sold too much alcohol to the patron, how much was consumed in what time period and various factors concerning blood alcohol concentration, cognition, and capacity to drive. You need an attorney who can prove that the laws regarding service of alcohol were violated, and that intoxication was at least one major cause of the serious accident.

Almost 20 Years Of Positive Results In Arizona Dram Shop Cases

Ilya E. Lerma knows how to bargain with insurers for restaurants and bars accused of violating dram shop law. She also knows how to litigate forcefully on your behalf with persuasive use of evidence and eyewitness testimony. You can have complete confidence in her abilities to voice your goals in the courtroom, and her decades of successful handling of bar owner liability claims. In every case she handles, she is intent on winning the maximum financial compensation you need to move on with your life.

To speak with skilled personal injury lawyer Ilya E. Lerma in a free initial consultation, call today. All email messages are responded to promptly. Have you been confined to your home or a hospital room since your accident? Ms. Lerma can arrange to visit with you there.

Thanks to our law firm's contingency fee policy, you owe no attorney fees unless money damages are recovered for you.