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An accident, trauma or crash resulting in a brain injury can impact you and your future forever. Such life-changing injuries affect you in every way imaginable—physically, emotionally, psychologically and financially. In the aftermath of a tragedy like a traumatic brain injury, it’s natural to feel completely overwhelmed.

Fortunately, those in Arizona who have suffered traumatic brain injuries due to a truck wreck, slip and fall, or other accident, crash, or trauma, have legal options. By allowing a creative, compassionate traumatic brain injury lawyer to seek justice on your behalf, you can begin focusing on what really matters—recovering and moving forward.

What makes a lawyer capable of understanding how to turn shattering losses into meaningful evidence? How does that evidence translate to meaningful or exceptional recovery in court? Knowing how to excavate the details of the case and develop compelling evidence is crucial to success. Insurance companies and corporations refuse coverage for these injuries saying the injured person is “fine”. They hire doctors to say that brain damage does not appear on brain scans for this person or isn’t documented in medical reports. They claim there is “no evidence” of brain trauma. They ignore brain injury symptoms like crushing fatigue, anxiety, depression, forgetfulness, or inability to focus. hey try to blame the slow collapse of the victim’s function and unraveling of their former life on other medical issues.

Every injury lawyer advertises for brain injury cases, but do they know how to overcome the unreasonable positions of the insurers in order to recover the full value of what has been lost? Many TBI’s will resolve and resolve somewhat quickly in the days, weeks or months following injury, but for those that do persist, proving that the insurance company is wrong and trying to avoid accountability requires expertise, extensive medical knowledge and in-depth understanding of the impact to the whole person. It also takes strength to support the client and relentless tenacity to navigate the process the insurance company will seek to dominate.

What most lawyers get wrong about brain injuries, is how profoundly they damage every layer of a client’s life. Collecting the evidence and building the case requires delving into details from the beginning instead of putting the case on the assembly line process of every other case in the firm and buried under dozens or hundreds more automobile wrecks or fall cases. The only way to uncover great cases is to intimately know the minute features and be entrenched in the case, shoulder-to-shoulder, with the client.

While some lawyers boast about offering a personal touch, working a case together means more than just having your lawyer’s cell phone number or having a lawyer that makes house calls. Does your attorney know and understand what you have lost? Do they get that you are forever changed with a brain injury? Do they spend hours excavating the details to uncover the complex story of your injuries and path to recovery? Are they really listening to you? This is where Ilya thrives. She gets to know you, the fragments, details and complexities in order to hold defendants fully accountable when they act carelessly, negligently, or recklessly. Most of all, she understands the time and commitment required to delve into these cases and dedicates her time to the right cases instead of trying to round-up every conceivable case. Though she has a broad range of cases she’s handled in two decades ranging from dram shop, corporate liability, wrongful death, TBI, insurance bad-faith, she believes that not every lawyer is right for every case. Ilya is willing to treat people right and help them find the right lawyer if she is not the ideal fit.

Suffering A Traumatic Brain Injury in Arizona

The CDC reported increasing emergency department visits over the past two decades for TBI. In fact, there are over 2.7 million diagnosed TBI cases every year nationwide, but many are not diagnosed right away . . . or ever. Emergency departments have protocols in place to get patients treated and out of the center but this means that important head injury symptoms can be glossed-over and missed entirely. An injured person may not know the brain is injured and if MRI or CT scans are negative, they may assume the brain is fine. Yet, they feel “foggy” or “unfocused” and start forgetting things. The changes are so subtle as the injury process deep in the brain unfolds, a process called “apoptosis” that the person may not know what is happening until days or weeks---sometimes months down the road. The insurance companies love these cases the most because it gives them a chance to argue that there was no “immediate” injury that was related to the trauma and try to get out of being responsible for the full recovery . . .or any recovery at all.

Those who suffer a brain injury may recover in a few days, while many have effects that will last a lifetime. While many traumatic brain injuries are frequently the result of a car or truck accident, they can occur from any incident involving a bump, blow, or jolt to the head. Ilya helps clients throughout Arizona seek compensation after their lives have been disrupted. Some of the most common traumas that result in brain injuries include:

Everyone is at risk for a traumatic brain injury. Even if you didn’t lose consciousness, there is still a chance your brain or skull has been severely harmed. Stay alert for any of the following symptoms:

  • Chronic headaches

  • Nauesea/dizziness

  • Difficulty with memory or concentration

  • Vision changes, such as sensitivity to light or temporary blindness

  • Mood changes, such as irritability or anxiety

  • Unusually aggressive behavior

  • Problems with hand-eye coordination

  • Memory or word recall

  • Fatigue

  • Feeling "foggy" or confused

When a traumatic brain injury happens to you or someone you love, your life is altered forever. After you seek out a medical professional for a full examination, your next step is to contact a legal professional. Let Ilya advocate for you and help you tell your story and the affects a TBI has had on you and your loved ones.


  • Suffering from a serious brain injury can take its toll on far more than just your physical health. Relationships and activities at every level are affected. After suffering a truck accident or other personal injury or serious trauma, the financial burden can be unbearable. If you were injured on the road because of a negligent driver, or slipped and fell on unsafe premises, it’s important to hire an experienced traumatic brain injury attorney right away. Those responsible for your injury need to be held accountable. They may be obliged to reimburse you for any of the following expenses:

    • Health care and medical bills past and future

    • Rehabilitation and therapy expenses

    • Medical procedures

    • Prescription medication

    • Lost present and future wages

    • Pain, suffering, and mental anguish

    • Losses to the marital or familial relationship

Seeking compensation under the law will not undo physical or psychological damage. It can’t bring back the health and stability that has been lost. However, it can alleviate financial stress for you and your loved ones and provide for future options for health and rehabilitation. It can restore the opportunity to live with long-standing injuries, like brain injuries, with dignity and support. Let Ilya stand in your corner and recover full value for the life you lost. If you live in Scottsdale or anywhere else in Arizona, including Phoenix, Tempe, Glendale, or Mesa, get in touch with Ilya Law to schedule a free consultation.

How Do I Hold Insurance Companies Accountable?

When pursuing benefits owed by an insurance company that you deserve after a brain injury, you will face the insurers, their lawyers, corporations and businesses, defendants and other parties or their representatives. Insurance adjusters may seem friendly on the phone up front, but they are not there to help you. They have a singular focus: protect the insurer’s bottom line. They’re looking out for their own interests not yours. They are experienced in cases similar to yours and are fully prepared to deny or diminish your injuries and financial recovery. It’s crucial to have someone with experience on your side. Someone who is looking out for your interests, willing to fight to make your voice heard.

Don’t let insurance companies take advantage of you and a what the doctors and medical professionals may not have been able to identify right away. As your lawyer, Ilya navigates the maze of insurance claims and personal injury law—traumatic brain injuries in particular—for clients in Arizona who need it the most. She’s willing to think and work outside the box to pursue the full financial compensation you deserve to recover from or live with your injuries with dignity.

Few injuries have the kind of impact on your quality of life like a traumatic brain injury. The consequences of a serious brain injury can last a lifetime, and the costs can quickly become overwhelming. If you or a loved one has suffered a traumatic brain injury due to the negligence of another, call Ilya in Scottsdale for strategic advocacy.


Few injuries have the kind of impact on your quality of life like a traumatic brain injury. The consequences of a serious brain injury can last a lifetime, and the costs can quickly become overwhelming. If you or a loved one has suffered a traumatic brain injury due to the negligence of another, call Ilya in Scottsdale for strategic advocacy.