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Experienced Representation For Policyholders Against Unethical Insurance Companies

Policyholders in Greater Phoenix and Arizona statewide are lawfully entitled to expect their insurance company to pay prompt attention to claims for disability, business losses, storm or homeowner's claims, accident personal injury or events covered by an insurance policy. Unfortunately, the confidence and trust placed in an insurance company is abused when corporate profits supersede the interest of the policyholder. The company will employ tactics to deny, delay, or significantly underpay claims to the detriment of the insured.

If your insurance company has delayed or denied coverage benefits to which you are entitled after something untoward happened to you, your business, or your possessions — a general example of "insurance bad faith" — you could benefit from the experienced representation of an attorney who puts you first.

At the Law Office of Ilya E. Lerma LLC, we have the lawyer who advocates for fair play between you and your insurer when damage, injury, or tragedy strike. Ilya E. Lerma has built a track record of positive results for insurance law clients just like you during her almost 20 years of practice.

Has your insurer failed to live up to its end of the bargain after a fire at your business or an injury you sustained during a hit-and-run traffic accident? You deserve better treatment after years of faithfully paying premiums. For swift action on your behalf, in negotiations, and in court if needed, contact Ilya E. Lerma today — by phone or by email message.