Experienced Phoenix Attorney Handling Complex Personal Injury Claims

Victims of serious personal injuries in accidents suffer a number of serious hardships — physical, financial and emotional. The inability to return to work or handle family obligations that were once routine can become overwhelming in light of ongoing physical pain, depression or post-traumatic stress following serious injury. Only experienced legal representation can level the playing field for them, holding insurers for negligent parties accountable and returning victims' lives to normal.

If this tragic situation sounds familiar — if you or a relative was hurt in life-changing ways during a motor vehicle crash, exposure to an unsafe product or in a hospital after a grievous medical mistake — you should speak with experienced Phoenix personal injury attorney Ilya E. Lerma right away.

The Law Office of Ilya E. Lerma LLC aggressively advocates for the legal rights and financial interests of personal injury plaintiffs in Arizona statewide, specializing in complex claims involving:

  • Dram shop cases, when licensed establishments over-serve alcohol
  • Commercial carrier accidents, when poorly trained truck drivers or insufficiently maintained "big rigs" with shifting loads go out of control and violently collide with drivers of smaller vehicles, resulting in catastrophic injury and wrongful death
  • Policy holders against insurance companies who wrongfully delay, deny or significantly underpay claims for benefits
  • Auto defects and products liability claims originating with defective car parts, tires, acceleration and many more, as well as malfunctioning consumer retail items that cause injury and illness
  • Carelessness and incompetence by health care professionals, including doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists and pharmacists, that lead to instances of medical malpractice
  • Neglect and abuse at nursing homes that cause injury and wrongful death for elderly residents

Were you injured by an intoxicated motorist who was over-served at a nightclub or restaurant? Has your insurance company ignored its responsibilities to you, showing only "bad faith" when you were expecting payment of benefits? For these and other potentially complex legal predicaments, Ilya E. Lerma is here to help.

Almost 20 Years Of Complex Personal Injury Claims Experience Working For You

Increase your chances of receiving the maximum injury compensation you deserve after an accident by contacting the Law Office of Ilya E. Lerma LLC for a free initial consultation. Our compassionate lawyer can visit you wherever you are if your medical condition prevents travel. The contingency fee basis for her hard work means you owe no legal fees unless she wins your case. Call 602-899-3035 today or send an email message.