Experienced Advocacy For Victims Of Medical Negligence In Arizona

Despite significant, sophisticated advances in medical science nationally and worldwide, avoidable medical errors occur every day. In fact, medical errors are a leading cause of death. Episodes of medical malpractice dramatically change and tragically end lives every day in Arizona and the U.S. While not every unfavorable outcome means that negligence occurred, cases where doctors or nurses failed to follow well-established rules for care mean they must be held accountable for injuries they cause.

Consider these scenarios:

  • You authorize one procedure, but the surgeon performs a second non-urgent procedure without your consent, and this procedure significantly increases his or her billed amount.
  • You have signs of infection that are ignored or improperly treated following surgery that causes grievous health complications.
  • You are not diagnosed with a serious or life-threatening condition because various tests or diagnostic studies were not performed, or worse, not reviewed by your doctor

If your health worsened after a hospital stay, a surgical error had to be corrected or a doctor failed to promptly, accurately diagnose your condition after a heart attack or stroke, you have legal recourse, starting today. You can fight back. You have rights that must be protected — in a court of law if necessary.

Ensuring that medical professionals follow the rules in their field makes us all safer in the long run. We can ensure that those professionals who continue to practice are careful, diligent and take action to protect the patient.

In Greater Phoenix and throughout the state, the experienced personal injury and medical malpractice lawyer who adopts your goals and advances your cause is Ilya E. Lerma, founding attorney of the Law Office of Ilya E. Lerma LLC.

With almost 20 years of distinguished, dedicated service to her credit — to a deserving clientele who struggles with medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering — Ilya E. Lerma gets to the bottom of why one or more licensed health care professionals failed you with a substandard level of care. She holds hospital insurers accountable. She argues forcefully on your behalf in court if litigation is needed.

If your newborn suffered a birth injury, if a misdiagnosis led to a serious illness or if hospital negligence led to a relative's wrongful death — you need the attention and advocacy that Ilya E. Lerma has to offer. We urge you to contact her to arrange a free initial consultation.

Call today to 602-899-3035 or stay online to make an appointment by email message. Our law firm's contingency fee policy means that you owe no attorney fee unless your case is won.